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These homeowners in Wildwood, MO, chose us at Agape Retaining Walls, Inc. as their retaining wall contractor of choice to come in and take down their failing Versa-Lok wall that another contractor had been “working” on for over 5 months. The homeowners had originally had us out to bid their retaining wall project, but when another contractor convinced them that they could do it for less they decided to go with them. When we were asked to come back out 5 months later to give our professional assessment of what needed to be done, we found that the other contractor had constructed the failing retaining wall being built over the homeowners property line! The original Versa-Lok retaining  wall was 220 l.f. with an average height of approximately 6’, in the process of failing even while it was being constructed. We had to come in take down the entire retaining wall and relocate it within the property line of the homeowners. We were able to reuse the existing Versa-Lok Block and turn the homeowner’s nightmare contractor experience into a beautiful retaining wall, designed and engineered to retain their back yard for as many years as these homeowners want to keep it.. After seeing our quality retaining wall  craftsmanship they also added a new Versa-Lok Retaining Wall with steps leading up to their driveway. Make sure to read our blog about how to choose a great contractor so that what happened to these homeowners does not happen to you.


This backyard patio paver project in St. Louis County was a pleasure for us to design & install. We used a combination for the retaining walls using a Rockwood Classic 6” Block Natural in color for the retaining wall portion of this patio project and the Rockwood Stonehedge Retaining Wall for the seat walls. For the patio itself we used the Romanstone Holland Paver Harvest Blend in color manufactured here in St. Louis, MO, by Midwest Block & Brick. For the outdoor low voltage lighting we used the Integral Lighting Product that installs very easy and for the most part remains maintenance free.


For this pool side retaining wall we used the Rockwood 8” Classic Retaining Wall Block manufactured here in St. Louis, MO, by Lemay Concrete Block. We used the Natural Colored Block with a Goldenrod color Capstone. The Seat Walls we constructed also using the Rockwood Stonehedge Block Goldenrod in color. For the pool deck we used the Romanstone Holland Paver Timberwood Blend in color. For the paver pool deck lighting we used the Integral Lighting System. The outdoor lighting really looks nice in combination with the retaining wall & pavers.


We designed & installed this retaining wall holding up this backyard in St. Louis County using the Hercules Retaining Wall System. The Hercules Retaining Wall System is manufactured here locally in St. Louis, MO,  by Midwest Block & Brick. This type of retaining wall system is known as an open  face retaining wall system. Many people like to plant them with plants or ivy giving these retaining walls the title of “Green Walls.” If you decide to go with the green look on your retaining walls over time you will not even be able  to see the retaining wall below the plants. The open face system can be used effectively in many applications. However, one noted downside to this type of retaining wall block is that it does not come with a retaining wall cap stone of any kind making the area behind the wall more prone to erosion between the blocks on the top of the wall.


We used the Versa-Lok Mosaic Retaining Wall System here on these small front yard walls in Sunset Hills, MO, west of St. Louis, MO. These Versa-Lok Walls are Timberwood  Blend in color. This type of retaining wall system can be a little pricey, but, for the homeowners that want this multi piece stone look this retaining wall system  is a great selection. These Versa-Lok retaining walls are constructed using the tumbled Mosaic, however, the system also comes in a non-tumbled style also.


Agape Retaining Walls, Inc. designed & constructed this large retaining wall using the Rockwood 8” Classic Block manufactured here in St. Louis, MO, by Lemay Concrete Block. We replaced 20’ tall terraced tie walls with this great looking modular block retaining wall Natural in color. This 570 l.f. nearly 20’ tall Rockwood Retaining Wall holding up this parking lot at Moore Foods was engineered by CMV Engineering.  While this retaining wall is a tall one, it is nowhere near the tallest that we have constructed. The tallest retaining wall we have ever constructed is 35’ tall and holds up a parking lot. If you have a large retaining wall project anywhere in St. Louis, MO, make sure to contact us today. We are the best retaining wall contractor in St. Louis, MO! No retaining wall project is to large for us.


We used the Rockwood Classic 8” Block in combination with this Romanstone Holland Paver  to construct this set of steps next to the swimming pool in South St. Louis County. The retaining wall block used is a Goldenrod Color and the Holland Pavers are the Timberwood Blend color.


We used this Rockwood Split Faced Block Natural in color to construct these terraced backyard retaining walls in North St. Louis County, MO. Because we install retaining walls every single working day we have a huge advantage in our skill set , knowledge, experience, and quality over other contractors who are more diverse in what they do every day.

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