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These quality retaining walls in Oakville, MO are some of my favorite retaining walls that we at Agape Retaining Walls, Inc. have had the privilege to design and build. Agape Retaining Walls, Inc. was referred to these homeowners by a friend of theirs who we had built retaining walls for years before. The homeowners picked this Rockwood retaining wall 8" straight face taupe block to replace their old railroad tie retaining walls. We also installed these great looking Rockwood modular block steps and these Lemay Concrete Block holland pavers. We at Agape Retaining Walls, Inc. guarantee all of our labor and installation for 10 years and will never compromise the quality of our product. As you look through our photo albums take some time to examine our work, enlarge the pictures, and notice the hardscaping craftsmanship and design. You can search the entire world wide web and you will not find a better retaining wall and paverstone contractor than Agape Retaining Walls, Inc.
After meeting with our hardscape design consultant, these homeowners in Mehlville, MO chose this Rockwood 8" three-way-split face goldenrod retaining wall block to replace their old tie walls. For their paver option they chose these great looking Romanstone holland pavers, manufactured locally by Kirchner Block and Brick, that add enduring beauty and increased value to their home.
This 12' total height terraced Rockwood retaining wall in Chesterfield, MO represents the fundamental advantage of modular block retaining walls over tie walls, boulder walls, concrete walls, and gabian style retaining wall systems. Structurally solid, this retaining wall, was engineered using geogrid to hold back this hillside for as many years as needed, unlike the R.R. tie wall it replaced. (See Before) With enduring aesthetic beauty, this Rockwood 8" straight face goldenrod retaining wall far surpasses anything the poured-in-place concrete retaining walls, gabian retaining walls, or boulder retaining walls could have offered.
This retaining wall project in Town and Country, MO looks simple enough until you know that this very elaborate wooden deck had decaying R.R. tie walls all around it that had to be replaced. Leaving the deck intact would be a challenge for obvious reasons; yet, look at the expert retaining wall craftsmanship by Agape Retaining Walls, Inc. Enlarge the retaining wall pictures and see the care our retaining wall installers used as they built the walls perfectly flush and at the exact heights requested by the homeowner without any damage, not even a scratch, to the deck. We also designed and built this very sharp looking Rockwood 8" straight face taupe retaining wall going down the driveway. The homeowners later added some great landscaping and water features to make coming home a pleasant experience for many years to come.
This Rockwood 8" classic three-way-split face red/black blend retaining wall in St. Louis County, MO was the perfect replacement for the old failing railroad tie wall. The Rockwood retaining wall system is very nice to work with, and has many advantages over other retaining wall systems; like Keystone, Versa-Lok, or Anchor wall systems. I want to encourage you to enlarge these retaining wall pictures and see for yourself the expert retaining wall craftsmanship that Agape Retaining Walls, Inc. brings to every project.
These homeowners in Chesterfield, MO made a wise selection in their choice of retaining wall contractors when they chose Agape Retaining Walls, Inc. to replace their landscape timbers with this Rockwood retaining wall 6" straight face natural stone. The driveway walls are designed so that the landscaping will soften the look of the retaining walls. The retaining walls and the modular block staircase in the back are designed to compliment the grandeur of this very nice lakeside home.
When I met with the homeowners onsite in The Legends subdivision in Eureka, MO their request was for me to give them an idea of how to retain the hillside and create useable space for a hot tub. I came back to them with this retaining wall design and a wall was born. This Rockwood 8" straight face retaining wall system was engineered using geogrid. Like all our walls over six feet tall, this wall was engineered by the same retaining wall engineer that I have worked with for over ten years. These walls are engineered strong enough to hold back this hillside indefinitely, and our retaining wall design and craftmanship have made the homeowners very happy. The homeowners have since added some landscaping and a waterfall to go with the hot tub. It just makes me smile every time I see this hardscape project! Can you imagine being so blessed as to have a job where you can see a creation like this in your mind, then have the privilege to build it and make it a reality?
These homeowners in Oakville, MO had a failing railroad tie wall in their backyard that provided nothing for them in the realm of useable space. They picked these Hercules retaining wall blocks as their green retaining wall system of choice. The Hercules stone best represents the open face retaining wall system. Hercules retaining walls, when installed correctly, are a very solid retaining wall solution. The open face portions of these walls can be filled with either clean rock, as done here, or dirt for planting shrubbery. Because of their ability to grow different styles of plants from their open faces, these walls are now being marketed as "green walls" or environmentally friendly retaining walls; although all modular block retaining walls are truly environmentally friendly retaining walls. If these walls had been filled with dirt and planted with ivy, you would not be able to see the Hercules stone after the second year. Hercules retaining walls provide a unique look and can save you money on labor during construction. This type of wall is not for every project but for those who like this look, it is a structurally solid solution to retaining wall needs. There is another open face retaining wall system, "green" wall system, named Alpenstein that looks great and works very well also.
This retaining wall project in Ballwin, MO was designed by Agape Retaining Walls for two purposes. One was to excavate the old tie wall and provide about 15 l.f. more yard space on the low side of the retaining wall. The second purpose was to provide a new modular block retaining wall that will last for many decades and look great. These Rockwood 8" straight face goldenrod terraced retaining walls with steps accomplished both goals and made the homeowners very happy. These retaining wall pictures really show off the way the Rockwood goldenrod stone looks when the sun hits it.
This Rockwood 6" straight face retaining wall in Fenton, MO was a pleasure to design and build for this very nice couple. The retaining wall design feature I like most about this project is the way the modular block steps swing around the outside of the terraced wall, as opposed to the more traditional modular block step design going through the wall. Once again, you have to click the before picture of the old failing concrete wall to appreciate what our hardscape design has done for this home. It is a great thing to know that on many Agape Retaining Walls, Inc. projects, for every dollar the homeowners spend with us they make up in the increased property value of their homes.
These retaining walls and pavers in St. Louis, MO look great and provide the homeowner with a nice hardscape area to entertain guests. The retaining walls are Rockwood 8" three-way-split face goldenrod, and the patio and walkway are Romanstone Holland pavers. You really must click on the before picture to appreciate what we at Agape Retaining Walls, Inc. has done to transform this backyard area with our hardscape design and craftsmanship.
These Rockwood 6" straight face retaining walls in University City, MO replaced failing R.R. tie walls. The homeowner wanted straight walls with a lot of right angles and a very nice set of Rockwood retaining wall steps. A great feature of this set of walls is the Rockwood Stonehedge freestanding walls around the back deck area. The Stonehedge wall is freestanding, double faced, can be built with columns, and made into seat walls around any patio area.
These homeowners in Ballwin, MO had a big problem on their hands. They had an old landscape timber retaining wall that had begun to fail and they had a wood deck built right up against it with a waterfall and landscaping above. They were very concerned about not damaging the deck or the waterfall, and I assured them that we at Agape Retaining Walls, Inc. are the best retaining wall contractor for the job, and that not only will their deck and waterfall be safe, but the Rockwood 8" three-way-split goldenrod block would look great and provide structural support and aesthetic beauty for many decades to come. Enlarge these pictures and take a good look for yourself at the hardscape craftsmanship and care taken by Agape Retaining Walls in the demolition of the old tie wall and the construction of the new Rockwood retaining wall.
This retaining wall in Oakville, MO was a tough job due to the access and logistics involved in taking out the old railroad tie wall and replacing it with this Rockwood 6" three-way-split face natural stone retaining wall. The homeowners were very concerned about their wooden deck being damaged during the demolition of the old tie walls and the construction of the new segmental retaining wall system. I assured them that Agape Retaining Walls, Inc. was the very best retaining wall contractor for their job, and that we would take great care not to damage their deck in any way. To fulfill this promise we had to excavate everything from behind the old tie wall, then pull each tie back away from the deck and take it out. We then built everything back up with the new Rockwood retaining wall system one section at a time. The job went well, the walls look great, the homeowners are happy, and Agape Retaining Walls, Inc. has yet another job to show-off our "can do" attitude and experience in completing tough retaining wall projects in tight areas.
Agape Retaining Walls, Inc. was referred to these homeowners in Chesterfield, MO by some of their friends that we had built retaining walls for in the past. We built these great looking Rockwood 8" straight face retaining walls to replace their old railroad tie retaining walls. The way the Rockwood retaining wall system can do an outside step back radius gives it a real advantage on a job like this over retaining walls systems like Keystone or Versa-Lok that need pins. With a Keystone retaining wall system, you would need to cut every outside step back radius on the face of the wall or you would need to build the retaining wall vertical (without step backs) taking away some of the Keystone retaining wall system's structural integrity. Rockwood retaining wall systems look great, are very durable, and are much easier to work with than any retaining wall system using pins. This job highlights the Rockwood retaining wall advantages over Keystone in aesthetics, structure, flexibility, and installation, resulting in cost savings and increased property values for the homeowners.
This set of Rockwood 8" straight face taupe retaining walls in Jefferson County, MO replaced old rotten railroad tie walls. The homeowners wanted us to expand their parking space and provide steps to go around to the back of their home. We proposed this retaining wall design, expanding their parking space nearly 8 l.f. Also in our design were these Rockwood modular block retaining wall steps that provide access to the back of their home. In their backyard we designed and built a Rockwood retaining wall with a set of modular block steps on each end. At Agape Retaining Walls, Inc. we guarantee all our retaining wall and paverstone labor and installation for 10 years from the time of project completion. Because of this, these homeowners will not have to think about new retaining walls for a long time. If you are looking for a retaining wall and paverstone contractor you can trust to do the highest quality work in design, structure, and aesthetics, you will not find a better contractor for your job than Agape Retaining Walls, Inc.
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