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Exceeded Expectations

Posted by RPalmatier55 on 02/18/2009

I have needed to replace deteriorating railroad tie retaining walls in a large terraced area at the side of my house as well as one at the back of my property. I have delayed the project because of the cost. Agape Retaining Walls quote to do the work was within my budget and the pictures of previous projects on their website as well as their references convinced me to go with them for the work. Their men worked during a few of the coldest days of the winter and even prompted my neighbor to comment on the dedication of the men. In preparing the base they found inadequate soil support and had to dig deeper than anticipated and use more gravel than anticipated. They did what was necessary and stayed with the quotation. The finished product is beautiful. It exceeded our expectations.


Posted by RyanCC on 01/21/2009

Imagine a company that takes amazing pride in what they do, is honest in what they say, and their end product excedes your expections. It's hard to believe these days, but Agape Retaining Walls absolutely exemplifies these qualities. Upon meeting Sean, the owner, I instantly knew he was a man passionate about his product and was someone I could trust to deliver on his word. My back yard was nothing but a steep hill filled with trees making it impossible for my three small children to play on. I received several quotes in the span of about 6 months and almost went with a company before I received my last quote from Sean. Agape was equal to my lowest quote and had a website full of previous jobs. He also agreed to tear out a concrete patio that was directing water into my basement at an additional per hour charge. Upon completion of the job, he decided not to charge me for this work!! Greg and his team worked at a back breaking pace and made suggestions that greatly improved my original wall design. I am a skeptic at heart and truely believed Agape's previous reveiws were too good to be true but Agape is as advertised and more. Sean and Greg, Thanks for a backyard my family will enjoy for years to come.

Ryan and Kendra

Reasonable Price and Good Warranty

Posted by dyealogue on 01/11/2009

I just had a large retaining wall torn down and rebuilt by Agape Retaining Walls. Sean proposed some very good ideas that I had not thought about that made the new wall functional even with my somewhat unique lot. His price was very reasonable and competitive, with a good warranty on the work. The workers were prompt, courteous, hard working, and competent. I am very pleased with the work and would recommend Agape Retaining Walls.


Honesty & Integrity

Posted by cjdoering86 on 12/01/2008

We recently had a home built and during the process, determined we'd want to install a retaining wall across the back of our property (approximately 60 ft). In researching companies on the internet, we kept coming back to Agape's web site after seeing pictures depicting their quality work so we gave them a call. Soon after calling, Agape's owner Sean came out to look over the job site. During his FIRST of several visits, Sean took the time to explain everything his company could do for us to stabilize the steep slope at the rear of our property. Then, after the builder completed the final grading, we had Sean back out to make sure nothing had changed. When he saw the final grading the builder had done, he informed us that in his opinion and with proper vegetation of the slope, we did not need a wall, but he would be happy to build one if we chose. In our opinion, only an honest company & owner would turn down potential business; that impressed us! As time went on and for our own peace of mind, we decided to have the wall installed and Agape was the clear choice. Next came a major hurdle; no direct access to our back yard as our homes are too close together to allow for any equipment to pass between them. Sean's crew mapped out a path that took them through back woods & common ground to eventually reach our property so as to not disturb our neighbors' yards. Then, working on a very steep slope and an extensive amount of loose back fill, they proceeded to dig a SEVEN FOOT DEEP trench before reaching virgin soil where they poured & compacted their deep base of gravel to construct a sturdy foundation before constructing the wall. In cold & sometimes treacherous soil conditions, Agape's team of experts completed the work in 3 days, working until dark each day. They even re-graded a sizable portion of the hillside for us when asked, going over & beyond our expectations. The finished wall is beautiful and we've received many compliments. Sean and his team consistently demonstrated professionalism & integrity from start to finish and we would HIGHLY recommend Agape Retaining Walls for any large or small job you may be considering.    

 --John & Connie Doering

Agape Earns An A+

Posted by wizowl777 on 11/18/2008

During the torrential rains in October, our 90-foot tie retaining wall fell over, making our back yard a rather dangerous place. We got an estimate from one retaining wall company for a stone wall replacement, but then decided to go to the company that manufactures the stones to educate ourselves a little further. They gave us the names of three companies that they highly recommended to do the work. We called Agape first because they were the closest to our house. Sean came and surveyed the situation and very quickly presented us with an estimate for tearing out the old wooden ties and replacing the previous wall with a stone one. We got a total of three estimates, but Agape, although not the least expensive, seemed to be the company to go with. They began work just a little over four weeks after we signed the contract. His crew of 2 were remarkable. They worked continuously from early morning until late afternoon for 5 working days in a row and finished mid morning on the sixth day. (Sean had told us the job would probably take two weeks.) I have never seen workers from any company work as hard and as steadily as they did. We were very pleased with the job they did. The quality of the stone wall they built is outstanding. We would highly recommend Agape Retaining Walls to anyone.

Exceeded Expectations

Posted by glow4it on 11/17/2008

Agape pulled out some overgrown bushes and old rotting landscape timbers in my front yard and installed a beautiful little retaining wall/planting area. In addition, they made a fantastic circular planting area around my mailbox with stones that matched the front retaining wall/planting area. The entire task was completed in one day and my expectations were exceeded! I would highly recommend Agape - you won't be disappointed.

Larry Plumart

Excellent Service and Quality Job

Posted by tjmorrow on 10/08/2008

Agape Retaining Walls extended a portion of an existing retaining wall. They did a superb job of matching the color, modifying the landscape and adding a set of steps. Many neighbors walking our neighborhood have stopped to ask who installed our wall. In fact, I left the Agape project sign posted in our yard for months after the project was complete so that folks could have the contact information for Agape. Nice Job - Sean, Greg and Doug - thanks!

Tim Morrow

Agape is Outstanding to Work With

Posted by kn70z3 on 10/06/2008

Since I recently retired, I asked Sean with Agape Retaining Wall if he would be willing to work with me in holding down the cost of my project. He agreed to provide all the materials and help get me started building. His crew was unbelievable!! They took the time and effort to show me how the wall needed to be constructed. They made recommendations that improved the finished product. They were great to work with. After getting me started I was able to finish the rest of the project myself. This allowed me to stay within budget and at the same time get the quality stones I was wanting for the project. Materials were estimated accurately and the cost was very good. His crew was very helpful in staging all the supplies carefully and there was very little yard work needed get the lawn make in shape. Placement of the material was also close and convenient for the work I had to do. Without a doubt this is the best retaining wall company in the St Louis area!

Retaining Wall Contractor Experts

Posted by jwalker333 on 09/14/2008

I needed to replace two large railroad tie walls in my backyard that were rotting and collapsing. When I needed to find a retaining wall contractor I was apprehensive because I did not know any and looking through the yellow pages or newspaper ads feels like a gamble. So I went to one of the big retaining wall material suppliers and asked them for a list of their best contractors. Agape was their first recommendation and gave a good reference. I thoroughly reviewed Agape's web site which is a fantastic source for ideas and examples of the quality work they do. I got bids from Agape and two other contractors. Agape's bid was very competitive and fair. Sean from Agape spent a lot of time reviewing and discussing the project with us. We knew exactly what they were going to do and that our yard would be a construction zone during the project. The project was started when they said and turned out better than we imagined. The only problem we encountered was the weather, which caused some delays during the project when there were big rain storms. The two walls turned out to be works of art and our backyard looks like a scene from a landscaping magazine, it so beautiful. These walls will last longer than the house and are just beautiful looking and well constructed. What was interesting about Agape is they made some minor changes that improved the project after it was started. They always discussed them with us first. They did not change their price or schedule like some contractors do if you make a change. They take as much pride and ownership in the project as I would if I were doing it myself. They do everything legal according to county codes and get permits and lien waivers for everything. I have recommended them to several people I work with and neighbors. I would use them in the future and trust them. Now finding a retaining wall contractor is not a gamble.

Outstanding Results

Posted by jgs6wjs4 on 08/10/2008

I chose Agape to build two retaining walls. The wall in the front of my home was small and straightforward; Sean and his crew did a great job and also ensured my lawn wasn't destroyed in the process. The wall in the back of my home was a bit more complex, requiring Agape to remove several large boulders which touched the foundation of my home. I'm sure most contractors would have come in with heavy equipment and knocked these out in a couple hours, but Sean chose the safer route, spending almost two full days removing them with an air hammer. I believe he went above and beyond and handled this as if it were his own home; and because he did there was no damage at all to my foundation. Sean also made several good recommendations that greatly improved the overall end product...and all his recommendations were at no additional cost. The Agape crew was very professional, hard working, and definitely understood their trade. Both walls look great and definitely professionally built. I did a lot of homework before choosing Agape to do my job. In the end, I chose them based on their past performance record, outstanding warranty, and commitment to Christ. They weren't the cheapest bid I received, but they were definitely the best value in terms of past performance, price, and quality. I'm confident I made the right choice and would recommend them to anyone.

"Built on the Rock of Christ Jesus"

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